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Welcome to Delhi!


Delhi – India’s Past and Its Future


“I asked my soul what is Delhi? It replied the world is the body; Delhi is its soul…” this is how a 19th century poet described this city that has been so many things to so many different people.


Delhi is perhaps the only city in the world that fuses its past present and evokes its future without losing an iota of its identity. ­ 1300 monuments speak of Delhi’s antiquity, of the ambitions of men who thought they could hold on to it ­ but history proved otherwise.


We stay at The Claridges.


Overnight at The Claridges.




Morning: At leisure


Noon: We fly to Udaipur.


Udaipur – A Vision in White


Udaipur is often called the "Venice of the East" and the most romantic city in the state of Rajasthan. Udaipur nestles like a gem in a valley surrounded by green hills, reflected smooth and white in the clear blue waters of Lake Pichola. The city is a kaleidoscope of narrow lanes flanked by bright stalls, gardens, lakes, palaces and temples. A city which nestles like a gem in a valley surrounded by the green Aravalli hills, reflected smooth and white in the clear Lake Pichola.


We stay at Fatehgarh.


Fateh Garh


Fatehgarh is perched on a hill within the very heart of Lake city Udaipur and is yet blissfully away from the familiar drone that one travels to make distance from; Hotel Fateh Garh is heritage hotel with lake view and has derived from the Urdu word for victory 'Fateh', and 'Garh' or fortress in Sanskrit. Hotel Fateh Garh is based on vaastu principles which is vedic architectural style for balance and harmony of nature’s forces, it has interplay of the male and female aspects which is found more obviously in the spaces referred to as the Mardana Mahal, bold and exhibitionist - traditionally, the palace of the gentry; and the Zanana Mahal, intimate and delicate - traditionally, the palace of ladies.


Overnight at Fatehgarh





Morning: We visit magnificent City Palace


We set off for our visit of Udaipur city with a visit to the City Palace complex which houses the private residence of the Maharana of Mewar (a title which means “king of kings”) who belongs to the oldest royal lineage in the country. This palace complex consists of four major and several minor palaces forming a single breathtaking façade of almost 900meters in length overlooking the Pichola Lake. Built by successive Maharanas, every addition was so flawlessly integrated in style and feeling with the existing structures, to make the whole seem one.


The southernmost part, the Shiv Niwas Palace is a Luxury hotel today. The central south eastern part of the complex houses the Shambhu Niwas, the private residence of the royal family. The third palace which lies on the western side towards the Lake Pichola is called Fateh Prakash Palace, and is converted into a hotel. Most of the Palace is converted into a museum. It houses a huge collection of rare miniature paintings and beautiful decorative motives made with mirrors and colored glass. The Durbar Hall or Hall of Public Audience of the Fateh Prakash Palace is the place for royal ceremonies even today. The family festivals are held here and the Maharana entertains visiting dignitaries and Heads of State.


Afternoon: We visit the Maharana of Udaipur’s Car Museum and see his amazing collection of historic vintage and classic cars, some of which have been in the family ever since they were purchased some 100 years back. The collection includes some rare Rolls- Royce’s and very original Mercedes Benz’s.


Later we go to the Maharana’s private airfield and get to experience some of his cars and also drive a few.


Evening: Boat Ride on the serene Lake Pichola


We enjoy a relaxing boat ride along serene Lake Pichola. We glide along the lake and enjoy the fantastic views of the legendry Lake Palace, the façade of the imposing City Palace as well as the magnificent Jag Mandir Island.


Overnight at Fatehgarh




Full day is at leisure to explore Udaipur on your own. We will be delighted to recommend a few interesting options for you to experience.


Late afternoon, we visit the noble family of Kelwa and over hi-tea see their vintage and classic car collection that includes gems like a 1932 Avon Standard. They also have a MG, Jaguar, several bikes, etc, and we will get to experience and drive and ride some.


Overnight at Fatehgarh






Morning: We drive to Dungarpur (Approx. 2 hours 30 mins)


We stay at Udaibilas Palace.


Udaibilas Palace


Nestled in idyllic splendour, with the blue waters of Gaibsagar lake on one side and a cove of private reserve forest on the other, Udai Bilas Palace is the embodiment of the old world charm of princely India. It offers a scenic location for rest and recreation. This is an ideal paradise of unhurried hospitality from where to explore birdlife and tribal life and experience a splendidly romantic ambience for that very special honeymoon. Exquisite rajput anchitechure, fine murals, miniature paintings and stone carvings will delight the cultured traveller.


Afternoon: At leisure.


Evening have drinks in the Dungarpur Mews which is the brainchild of Prince Harsh Vardhan Singh and displays his love and affection for cars, guns, aircrafts, music and of course living the good life.


The Dungarpur Mews is housed in an old heritage building that was used initially to stable horses and carriages. Later it was made into a garage that could accommodate about 40 cars. For several decades it lay unused and was neglected. Some year’s back, Harsh renovated it and it now houses a remarkable collection of cars, cannons and carriages. On display are old horse carriages, few British made cannons and two rare 19th century double carriage cannons. There is a rare Austrian made 1936 Steyr Daimler-it’s the only one in India and just half a dozen survive elsewhere. Apart from this it also has the 1951 Chevrolet Series 3100 ½ Ton pickup. This Chevrolet has been in Harsh’s family right from the beginning. His grandfather was an avid shikari or hunter for sport, and it was completely equipped for his shikar trips. All the original hunting and camping gear is still on board and each has a fascinating tale to tell


The Dungarpur Mews houses many other cars including a Packard, some Jaguar’s, Mercedes- Benz’s, etc. A highlight is the 1910 steam road-roller made by Marshall and Sons, UK. The Mews also has a nice ‘Car Bar’.


Overnight at Udaibilas Palace
















Breakfast is at hotel.


Full day is at leisure for independent activities.


Or you can have a full day drive and outdoor picnic lunch with some of the cars in Prince Harsh Vardhan’s collection.


Overnight at Udaibilas Palace




Late Morning: We drive to Udaipur airport for our flight to Delhi

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