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Welcome to Delhi!


Delhi – India’s Past and Its Future


“I asked my soul what is Delhi? It replied the world is the body; Delhi is its soul…” this is how a 19th century poet described this city that has been so many things to so many different people.


Delhi is perhaps the only city in the world that fuses its past present and evokes its future without losing an iota of its identity. ­ 1300 monuments speak of Delhi’s antiquity, of the ambitions of men who thought they could hold on to it ­ but history proved otherwise.


We stay at The Claridges.


Overnight at The Claridges.




Morning: We fly to Jodhpur.


Jodhpur: The Blue City at the edge of the Desert.


Beginning in 1459, when the city was called Jodhagarh, the Rathore clan of Rajputs fought and ruled from the virtually impregnable fort until their territory covered 35000 sq. miles making it the largest Rajput state. Today, the former capital of the state of Marwar retains much of its medieval character.


We stay at the very charming heritage property called Ajit Bhawan.


Ajit Bhawan


The Ajit Bhawan is the residence of the uncle of the present Maharaja of Jodhpur. Built at the turn of the last century, this stately home served as a residence that attracted Princes and Statesmen, Artists and Hunters.


The owners of Ajit Bhawan also have a very fine collection of classic cars including a really impressive Pontiac. Our guests have the opportunity to experience and drive some of these cars.


Overnight at Ajit Bhawan













Morning: We proceed for a visit of the majestic Mehrangarh Fort.


The Victory Fort and the Mystic Jaswant Thada


We visit the Mehrangarh Fort, which stands sentinel over the doorway to the Thar Desert. This fort was the scene of many a heroic tale and even today one can see the cannons proudly displayed even though they no longer boom from its ramparts.


Afternoon/evening: We have the option of going to the mansion of a royal family for Hi-tea or cocktails. The highlight is the opportunity too see and experience one of the world’s most spectacularly styled cars – the gorgeous 1939 Delahaye 135MS with flamboyant coachwork by Figoni et Falachi. This car in Jodhpur is one of the nine surviving ones in the world of the eleven built in this style,


Overnight at Ajit Bhawan




Full day is at leisure to explore Jodhpur on your own. We will be delighted to recommend a few interesting options for you to experience.




Morning: We drive to Bhenswara (approx. 2 ½ hours). Upon arrival in Bhenswara, we check-in to our hotel Ravla Bhenswara. Bhenswara, is about 130km south of Jodhpur, on the banks of the Jawai River.

Ravla Bhenswara - Ancestral heritage.

Ravla Bhenswara is the beautiful, colourful and highly individual home of the noble family of Bhenswara. The Ravla (Castle) was built about 240 years ago in typical Rajput style by Thakur Jagat Singh ji Rathore (Champawat) founder of Bhenswara. When you step through the entrance gateway you are transported into another serene and gentle world.

This is rural India; another world. This is so much more than just a hotel, it is a delightful and very special home filled with antique treasures which the family want to share with you; the warmth of the greeting from both the family and staff will ensure your stay is a special one, here the Indian saying that "Guest is God" is a true one.


Afternoon: At leisure.


While in Bhenswara our guests have the opportunity to drive vehicles like WW II Ford and Willy’s Jeeps, Land Rover Defender, Nissan Jonga, Mahindra MM 540, a Russian UAZ Jeep, Fiat Miliciento, Morris Minor, etc.


Overnight at Ravla Bhenswara.





Morning: Your chance to get behind the wheel. Self drive of Classic Cars and Jeeps around the family’s farmhouse.


Afternoon: Explore the desert countryside and go on a Shepherd (village) safari in Classic four wheel drive Jeeps and get a once in a life time experience; a unique glimpse into the lifestyle and everyday activities of rural village life. You not only drive some unique Classic Jeeps but also learn the history of the local people with their distinct traditions still kept alive today. See the women in their vibrant colourful attire smile behind their veils as they go about their daily work in village and their traditional mud plastered houses. The friendly young children, the handsome men with their large moustaches and turbans greet you whilst cows wander through the narrow streets the bells around their necks jingling as they walk. Each aspect of village life can relate a story to you of a simple rural existence which still continues today in these remote villages.


Later, experience Wildlife after Dark with Spot Lights. As the sun approaches the horizon, the Jeeps are pointed towards the hills. Spotlights are switched on and keen eyes search for the wildlife that inhabits this region. And if in luck, one might just sight a fox or hyena, or porcupine or deer, or even be rewarded with the most sought after sighting, that of the cunning leopard.


Later enjoy a campfire dinner under a starlit sky.


Overnight at Ravla Bhenswara.




Morning: We drive to Jodhpur airport for our flight to Delhi.


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